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Indica marijuana generally has a higher CBD content than sativas. While there is THC found in Indica. There is a more balanced ratio between the compounds,

THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects of dried marijuana. This is present in the form of relaxing and happy feelings.

Comes from the same plant but with its own distinct:

Leaf shape
Plant size
Chemical profile

You can identify it in a few ways, including:

looking at its buds.
smelling its aroma.
seeing how it’s grown.
feeling its effects.

If you talk to a budtender about the effects of indica, they will likely use some of the following phrases when describing this type:

Like a cup of chamomile tea

Though good, individuals sometimes choose indica strains to relax after a busy day or to help deal with stress from a chronic illness. Heavier indica strains may help some people fall asleep more easily.

The CBD is what to blame for falling asleep or after smoking. CBD relaxes the body and sets in shortly after the THC and the two play great together.

If youu are looking for a calming experience. It is indica that should be added to your shopping list. This variety has soothing and sedative effects which is why it is perfect for night time use.

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