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Frequently Asked Question!

All packages shipped out within the U.S takes 24-48 maximum for arrival to the client’s address. International shipments out of the United States may take 3-5 days depending on the geographical location of the client.

Yes, an activated tracking number will be issued to any paid order confidentially to the client. This tracking number will enable the client to track and trace the package shipment.

All our packages are shipped in a sealed brown envelope as a discreet package and it’s non-detected upon custom checks. These packages are always vacuum sealed and can’t be traced.

Our principal payment method is Bitcoins and other crypto currencies. Bitcoin is preferable because it’s safe, discreet and more secured and can’t be traced by any third party. But you may call or text us for any assistance using a different payment method.

No, the package doesn’t requires any legal signature. It may be dropped off some hours later after several attempts trying to get to you to no avail an hour or two before delivery.

Since these are discreet packages, we usually use a discreet courier delivery service we’ve been using successfully over the past years. But we usually have partners which serve as carries namely : UPS, USPS and FedEx.

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